Price List And Terms & Conditions For Motorbike Rent

Pricelist And Terms & Conditions


Tourist: Rp 70.000 / 24 hours (We will hold 1 passport & 1 other ID during rent)

Malang University Student: Rp 60.000 / 24 hours (We will hold 1 passport / E-KTP & 1 active Malang student card)

Halfday Overtime: Rp 35.000 / 12 hours (overtime only applies within the opening hours: 7.30 AM to 5.00 PM and doesn’t apply at weekends)

Overtime per hour: Rp 10.000 / 1 hour (overtime only applies within the opening hours: 7.30 AM to 5.00 PM)

For Motorbike Goes To Bromo: Rp 10.000 / 24 hours will be added to the rent price

Facilities: Free delivery within Malang City area, 2 helmets, 1 rain coat



  • Our minimum rent period is 24 hours
  • Opening hour is 7.30 AM to 5.00 PM (delivery, pick-up, and all the services are only available within these hours)
  • We are by appointment and reservation. So please make a call / text / whatsapp / email us beforehand.
  • Delivery outside Malang City area (includes Batu, airport, and Malang Region area) will be extra-charged based on the distance / location.
  • The price list above is fixed-price.



  • We will hold 1 passport and 1 other ID for tourist / general visitor
  • We will hold 1 passport and 1 valid student card issued by Malang university for Malang student.


Reservation Regulation

  • Prices might be a subject of changes at anytime, due to the petrol prices, peak season, etc. Please contact our customer service and ask for the updated proce before making a reservation.
  • Due to the use of fake ID and other motorent misuses cases, we conduct a screening for the rentees. So sometimes we might not accept a reservation although a rentee’s administration is completed.
  • We only serve those who did a reservation beforehand.
  • Reservation can be done online or through text message and Whatsapp by filling the reservation form.
  • Reservation form is used for checking the motorbike availability. So it is not an instant confirmation that everyone filling the reservation form will get a motorbike. Please confirm to our customer service for the motorbike stock after filling in the reservation form.
  • Submitting a reservation form means that user has read and agreed all the terms and conditions applied.
  • Please inform to customer service if you are using the motorbike to Bromo so we will be able to give you a motorbike that suits the destination.

Rent Regulation

  • Above 17 years old and have a legal and valid driving license.
  • Having and willing to submit original and valid E-KTP (for Indonesian) / Passport (for foreigner) and other IDs (e.g. NPWP, Employee ID, Student Card, Member Card, etc)
  • Minimum rent period is 24 hours.
  • Rentee must take care and use the motorbike according to the applied traffic law.
  • During the rent, everything related to the motorbike is rentee’s responsibility.
  • SUNDAY MOTORENT is not responsible of the misuse of the rented vehicle during a rent period.
  • If damage or lost occurs to the motorbike or the facilities, rentee (or rentee’s family) must replace or cover for the loss.
  • Opening hour is 7.30 AM to 5.00 PM (delivery, pick-up, and all the services are only available within these hours). Returning a motorbike above these hours is not possible, and therefore will be charged another 24 hours rent period.
  • If rentee suddenly changes the returning schedule earlier than the schedule signed in the rent form, there will be no refund applied. The remaining rent days can be replaced with the same numbers of days in the same month.
  • If there is a sudden delivery / pick up schedule change notification from the rentee, we have the right to accept or decline the change, because mostly, the schedules for other rentees are very tight with one another. Please confirm first before you decide to change the schedule.
  • Rentee must read and agree all the terms and conditions in the rent form and in the website before signing the rent form.
  • By signing the rent form, rentee is automatically agreeing all the terms and conditions applied in Sunday Motorent.
  • Not all types of the motorbikes are allowed to be brought to Bromo. So, please inform in prior that we can give you a suitable motorbike.
  • If there is an indication that wrong motorbike is brought to Bromo, rentee will be fined Rp 100.000
  • If there is any damages occurs when the motorbike is brought to Bromo, rentee is 100% responsible of it.
  • Handing the rented motorbike and/or papers and/or facilities to any person other than rentee and Sunday Motorent staff is strictly prohibited.


Moneyback Guarantee Regulation

Moneyback guarantee can be claimed by our customers under these circumstances:

  • The claim is before first 2 hours after signing the rent form.
  • After 2 hours, money back guarantee service is no longer available and we are only obliged to replace the rented motorbike with a new unit.
  • Moneyback guarantee service can only be claimed if the complaint is because of our negligence. If the complaint is because of the rentee’s negligence, then rentee has to replace all the damages occur and moneyback guarantee service is automatically canceled.
  • Sunday Motorent only accept motor sorvice claim if the damage happens to the machine, and that is not caused by the use of the motorbike. Flat tyre, inner tyre replacement, cannot be claimed because it is caused by the use of the motorbike.
  • When moneyback gurantee service is claimed, automatically the rent agreement signed in the rent form is canceled, and we are no longer obliged to replace with any new motorbike, or replace any other loss costs.


Affirmative Act

  • SUNDAY MOTORENT has all the right to take the motorbike back at anytime, if there is an indication and suspicion of a misused rent.
  • All form of misuse and abuse of the motorbike rent will be dealt firmly and involving the police department.
  • SUNDAY MOTORENT is going to check the rented motorbike regularly. If the rentee fails to drop us any news or notification within 2 x 24 hours, we will come to the rentee’s delivery/pick up location or the address according to the ID cards, and conduct a survey / interview to the rentee’s family / relatives.
  • If the rentee avoids the regular control, gives excuses, or no news within 3 x 24 hours, SUNDAY MOTORENT will take the case to police department.
  • All lost and damages caused by negligence and intention of the rentee is fully rentee’s and rentee’s families responsibilities.


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